Hanging Patio Lights Festive 48 Feet String Lighting

Hanging Patio Lights Hanging Patio Lights Festive 48 Feet String Lighting
Hanging Patio Lights Festive 48 Feet String Lighting

Festive Patio Lights 48 Feet Hanging String Lighting with 15 Dropped Sockets, 13-Feet Extension Cord, 21 bulbs

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Description: CREATE NEW OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES WITH INSTANT AMBIANCE. DEFINE NEW AREAS WITH BRILLIANT CANOPIES OF LIGHT. EASILY TRANSFORM YOUR PATIO TONIGHT. FESTIVE PATIO LIGHTS – Commercial-Quality 48-foot Outdoor Light String. Unmatched industry-leading 14 AWG wiring to handle more current than ever before. The permanent waterproof solution to illuminate any venue outdoors or inside, for years to come. Host unforgettable events and create memories to be remembered with our outdoor string light! Quickly and easily illuminate any outdoor space with ambient, festive flair. Recreate stunning Italian Tuscan landscapes right at home. Create Perfect Events and Everlasting Memories. Heavy-duty outer rubber construction can withstand years of elements outdoors with industry-leading 14-gauge AWG wiring to handle high loads and amps. Steel cables can be threaded through the built-in loops above each socket to support and position our light strings. EASY TO INSTALL. See pictures above for simple installation ideas. Looking for a MORE COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION 1. Use galvanized steel wire for support. Maybe I went overboard here, but I love the look. Not only does this help support the weight, it will give them a very clean ‘no drop’ look and relief the cord line of any stress. 2. Invest in UV resistant zip ties. You’ll need these all over the place connect to the steel wire. They do not need to be big. 3. Use turn-buckles to ‘pull’ the steel wire tight. You will NOT be able to pull it tight enough by hand. Check all your measurements. It’s a 48 foot run. That includes 3 feet before the first bulb and 3 feet after. This one ran a little short, but originally thought that would be plenty of length

  • PERFECT FOR ANY EVENT OR EVERYDAY, YEAR ROUND USE – Illuminate your lawn, backyard, patio, terrace, gazebo or poolside cabana. Transform any area quickly to highlight that special occasion. Event planners request this outdoor lighting for weddings, restaurants, banquets and holiday celebrations, all year long.
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY – 45 foot black commercial cord. Designed for end to end connection of up to 6 sets of lights. Cord contains 14 gauge wire connected to 15 light sockets that are 3 feet apart. Heavy duty rubber construction throughout the molded sockets with durable hanging loops. Compare to those cheaper holiday lights and you’ll see and feel the difference.
  • 21 BULBS INCLUDED!! – 6 EXTRA Bulbs – Replace with E26 / E27 bulbs || Maximum Wattage per Socket: 40 || Maximum Wattage per per Light String: 600 || Maximum Wattage per Run (of 6 Connected Strings): 2400
  • WEATHERPROOF – Perfect for all weather and occasions. Rubber seal around the bulb allows safe outdoor use. Connect up to 9 strings to meet any desired outcome.
  • 10 YR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE – We at Festive Patio Lights stand behind our products and want raving fans. If you are not 100% satisfied, please CONTACT US immediately. We make premium products affordable.
View Detail of This Product in Amazon
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