Patio Umbrella Stand Table 4pk 16 Inch Collapsible

Patio Umbrella Stand Table Patio Umbrella Stand Table 4pk 16 Inch Collapsible
Patio Umbrella Stand Table 4pk 16 Inch Collapsible

(4pk) 16 inch Collapsible Mesh Food Cover Tent Umbrella Set – to Protect from Flies and Bugs – Best Net Protector for Outdoor BBQ Party Picnic Wedding and Easy Fold Up Storage

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What are flies good for? Besides transferring diseases, not a whole lot. But every time you have a get-together outside and food is involved, they decide to crash the party. And they are the rudest guests you can imagine, touching every food item you have on the table, and who knows where those feet have been? Chances are those feet just got done walking through all your trash, or better yet, walking all over that little “present” your pet left you on the lawn. It goes without saying that you probably don’t want those feet on your food, but how in the world can you get them to stay away?

That’s where our collapsible food tents come in. The mesh material allows your guests not only to see what food is inside but easily access it, all while our gross little party crashers are stuck watching from the outside. The design allows for easy set up (just pull up the string) and easy take down, without any assembly necessary. The tents serve as great functional décor, both keeping insects out while adding an elegant touch to any event. They are a great gift for anybody and can be used at any number of events: weddings, barbeques, picnics, family reunions, etc. Your fly problem can be eliminated with a click of a button, so push “Add to Cart” right now and keep out the party crashers from your next event.

  • These deluxe, large 16″ x 16″ x 11″ inch tents have an EXTRA MESH SKIRTING on bottom to keep any type of fly or bug outside of the cover and away from your food platters and plates.
  • The umbrella clip top design makes the equipment COLLAPSIBLE FOR EASY STORAGE freeing up more space to place your other grilling accessories and freeing up your table if extra space is needed.
  • Essential addition to your next party, picnic, barbecue, wedding, bridal shower, you name it! Also a perfect gift for men & women that love to grill or host events.
  • The complete set serves as great functional décor as the netting both PROTECTS FROM INSECTS and PROVIDES AN ELEGANT TOUCH to your event and decorations.
  • Add another food tent set as a gift, or any other Oaklyn product and GET 5% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER. Order 3 or more Oaklyn products, GET 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER. Click the Oaklyn name above to see our entire selection.
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