Skateboard Wall Decal Karnotech® 4 Ers Kid Sports

Skateboard Wall Decal Skateboard Wall Decal Karnotech® 4 Ers Kid Sports
Skateboard Wall Decal Karnotech® 4 Ers Kid Sports

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The process might need cooperation. Sticking the decal with your husband/wife, dad/mom and children.

Must be a harmonious and warm family activity.

Instruction :

You will received 1* skateboarder stickers and 1* transfer film.

1. Clean your wall and make sure it¡¯s free of dust, dry it using a hair drier if your wall is wet or you live in a humid environment.

2. Make sure you measure out the space BEFORE applying.

3. Place the sticker on an even surface.

4. Carefully remove the transfer film down from the white backing paper.

5. Stick the transfer film with the adhesive side onto the skateboarder decal and
press firmly using a hard card.,wait for a few minutes until they are tightly bonded.

6. Cut the four skateboarders apart and design them wherever you want.

7. Slowly pull the transfer film at a 180 angel together with the skateboarder, position them on the place you want.

8. Press or scratch the decal firmly against the wall,
make sure the skateboard is sticking to the wall tightly.

9. Carefully peel off the transfer film from the wall at a 180¡ãangel.

10. Press the decal firmly against the wall again to ensure it sticks well.


– If your wall is freshly painted, I would recommend you to wait for few days before you install it.

– Tip to anyone who has never applied wall decals before. Lay the decal flat out on a hard surface (kitchen table works wonderfully), and put a few books over it to flatten it out. Leave it undisturbed for a day or so. However still easily manageable without the flattening process.

  • 4 skateboarders in one sheet. Each Skateboard Measures Roughly 10″ x 13″.
  • Great idea to decor your home, nurseries, kid rooms or dorms
  • Easy to Apply & Removable – Will not damage paint or any surface.
  • Material is PVC Durable, Simple, clean, and trendy design.
  • 100% Brand New Product, High Quality. Ships in 1-2 business days. Ships from CA, USA. Warranty: Non-artificial damages, 1-month replacement, 3-month warranty
  • Buy This Product From Amazon
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