Amposei Non-Adhesive Etched Privacy Film For Glass Windows Doors 35.4 by 78.7 inches

Amposei Non-Adhesive Etched Privacy Film For Glass Windows Doors 35.4 by 78.7 inches Window Films product by Amtick

Price: $25.99

Turn any clear glass window into a stylish privacy screen with this etched glass window film, ideal for windows that aren't well suited for curtains or blinds. Also ideal for commercial use, the window film is finished in white with the look of frosted glass and will protect carpet and upholstery from fading due to UV rays. Innovative solution for privacy and decor. Easy to install and remove-applies in minutes to smooth glass uses no adhesives. Unaffected by heat, cold, steam and humidity. Provides U.V. protection. Pattern: Etched.

Great for Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Office, Reading room, Frontdoor.

1.Measure the size of your window. Cute the film into proper size, approximately 1 inch larger;
2.Clean your window thoroughly;
3.Wet the window completely(better with low-concentration soapy water);
4.Peel off the backing clear protective film gently;
5.Position the film against the window and press across the entire film to allow it grip slightly;
6.Smooth out the film with squeegee, make sure there is no air bubbles and water inside;
7.Dry off your window with a rag entirely, cut the excessive edge carefully.

Q:How long will this film last for?
A:In normal condition, it will last for 2 year on the window.

Q:Why there is bubbles inside?
A:Because the water is not clean out entirly. After you position the film, please smooth out the film with squeegee, make the air bubbles and water out completely.

Q:Could this film be used for more than one times?
A:Yes, but the stickup side of the film must be completely clean.

Features :

  • The visual effect of textured and stained glass.The film is pretty sticky on all kinds of smooth glass.
  • No adhesives, self static adhesive cling. Applies easily. Reuseable and protect your window glass, no trace left.
  • Provides UV protection.
  • Instantly increases the privacy of your shower door and any window in the home, at the office or at your place of business.
  • Patterns repeat to cover any size window. Full size: 35.4 by 78.7 inches.

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