Hygge Home: Cozy, Danish Ideas for House Interiors

Hygge Home: Cozy, Danish Ideas for House Interiors Decorative Arts product by

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We all want to feel comfortable and cozy in our own home; it’s just second nature. However, few of us ever manage to achieve that feeling. Well, that is all about to change simply by applying the principles of hygge. This book will guide you through the various aspects of hygge within the home. It will cover the way that colors work to help you create that special atmosphere. How scents and music create a different feeling. It will examine how clutter has a negative impact on the energy in a room and how to then deal with it. Not only that, you will be guided through a home taking you room to room and the key things that you should consider doing in order to transform your home into this cozy paradise. In addition, you will explore the outside and how creating that special feeling begins even before you venture through the door. So, are you ready to turn your home into your very own serene space?

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