Jumbo Mosquito Netting Canopy for Queen/King Size Bed. Super-Thin Mesh Net Lets Breeze In and Bugs Out. Protect Your Sleep From Mosquitoes in an Exotic Nets Bedroom Decor.

Jumbo Mosquito Netting Canopy for Queen/King Size Bed. Super-Thin Mesh Net Lets Breeze In and Bugs Out. Protect Your Sleep From Mosquitoes in an Exotic Nets Bedroom Decor. Bed Canopies & Drapes product by Basik Nature

Price: $25.88

THE BASIK NATURE RECTANGULAR MODEL MOSQUITO NET : Get The Best Natural Insect Protection by sleeping under a square mosquito net bed canopy Our population gets invaded by many types of mosquitoes and bugs every summer. They constantly annoy us while having a relaxing evening on our garden. They disrupt our sleep at night.  They worry us as their bites could transmit several diseases like malaria. ✔ Bugs from Florida, Asia, and Africa easily arrive to our city within the airplanes and clothes of voyagers.
✔ All sorts of chemicals and repellents are manufactured each year damaging our lungs and skin, and producing allergies. We must protect our families from these DANGERS!
✔ The solution to this has existed for ages: The Mosquito Nets! Saving thousands of lives every year around the globe, they are the most natural and effective way to keep away all kinds of bugs, scorpions, bats, snakes, etc.
--> You should try our PREMIUM BASIK NATURE MOSQUITO NETTING for bed. Features: ★  PORTABLE -TRAVEL MOSQUITO NET A sturdy carry bag with handles provided for traveling.
★  VERSATILE & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: It's Extra Large oversized mosquito netting makes these Bug Nets perfect for many purposes, outside your home on gardens, for camping, as a screen tent to cover a hammock, blocking bugs out while having dinner on your deck, gazebo, or patio umbrella...
★  CREATE BEAUTIFUL DIY PROJECTS for your children, a princess bed canopy mosquito net ★ FOR A YOGA MEDITATION atmosphere (no bites while you meditate) ★ INEXPENSIVE & 100% GURANTEED


Features :

  • RECTANGULAR 4 CORNERS MOSQUITO NET / 2 OPENINGS: King Size Bed Canopy Nets. A big mosquito net fits all sizes, from Cali King to Queen, Double, Full, Twin. Great on 4 pole canopy daybeds. Bed Curtains size: Height=200cm (6.57 feet); Length=200cm (6.57 feet); Width = 200cm (6.57 feet). Mesh made of non-impregnated sturdy polyester of 225 holes per sq. inch. Comes with 8 ties and 2 hooks + carry pouch. You will needs 2 persons to hang it, extra robes and hooks to achieve desired height, shape and
  • NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY PROTECTION: Basik Nature Jumbo Luxurious Mosquito Nets will protect you as fully functional insect shield without the need of using chemical mosquito repellents and sprays. No more biting from annoying insects thanks to our extra large mosquito net for bed. Combine the net with the Qualizzi fairy lights to make a most romantic décor.
  • HEALTHIER SAFER SLEEP: Air conditioning and insecticides are not recommended to use in kids bedrooms. A bug net letting in the natural breezes is healthier. Sleeping inside the mosquito net lets in the breeze and blocks the mosquitoes out. Kids love them as bug tent as a bug screen in their bedrooms or hanging over their hammock when camping outside ! No need to use a repellent spray near your baby. A mosquito net canopy for camping is also required for safety!
  • MOSQUITO NETS PROTECT HUMAN LIFE: Every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria, a disease spread by mosquito bites. 660,000 people / year, lose their lives from the bites of "anopheles mosquito" which transmit malaria. An effective prevention receiving recognition for protecting humans from mosquitoes, without the need of repellents is the Mosquito Net. Keep your family safe from Malaria, Dengue Fever, and other infections with Basik Nature Luxury Mosquito Netting!
  • DECORATIVE CANOPY NETTING: This Large mosquito net canopy bed will keep you away from dangerous bugs, bees, spiders, scorpions in an elegant way... Not limited to use just over beds. Use for giving tropical, boho or bohemian accent. Use outside under porch, deck, over a table to protect the food, over yard swing chairs, umbrellas, as hammock mosquito net, garden netting curtain, at chill outs, daybed canopy bed curtains, and anywhere you need to be protected from flying insects.

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