MG888 Green Colored Duct Tape Roll 1.88 inches x 60 Yards for Repairs, Crafts, DIY, Multi Purpose

MG888 Green Colored Duct Tape Roll 1.88 inches x 60 Yards for Repairs, Crafts, DIY, Multi Purpose Duct Tape product by Major Gloves

Price: $11.99

Got a talent for creative art and design? Love to try out quirky new crafting trends? Or perhaps you like to get inventive with your girls craft DIY designs projects? If so you'll want to get your hands on this [grass green tape]! A variety of duck tape decorative ideas are at your fingertips with this multipurpose colored tape rolls. Embellish gift wrapping notebooks and photo frames with bright neon glitter fluorescent vibrant rainbow vinyl multi color for a cute personalized look. Colored duct tape for kids can be used to make purse and gadget cases jewelry or crazy Orange Halloween masks or as a moving masking tape. You can make a bronze gold leather look wedding decorations with our colourful strong glue tapes. You could even make a funky duct tape dress or necktie ducks gorilla! For [general purpose] maintenance and repairs this practical warehouse grade cloth material backed heavy duty strong adhesive water proof multicolored ducttape will better patch up busted pipework with cotton fabric damaged household garden house auto wallet boat caution seat hockey stick furniture windbreaker appliances and even vehicle parts. Use it to labelling tools packing marking h pattern color-code and tape down electrical cables or to label keys and storage boxes. It is also good for general home office building supplies and specialty electric materials Whether you're into design or in your classroom DIY application you need this cool coloured green duct tape in your workshop. Make a reflective colorful 3 tape set for your tool box with our 2 inch wide and 60 yds washi tapes. Click "add to cart" today and buy imaginative and inventive with duct tapes you can also purchase in bulk packs on Amazon with a great bargain! Also related: maroon foil blackout rubber print stash ky people polyethylene discount story deals fbi monste monster ron garner dispenser blicks services laminate store non how long quick professional best gaffer marine pro

Features :

  • Create cool crafts and make essential repairs with this awesome colored duct tape! Strong durable and easily conformable it will stick to virtually any surface. Use indoor or outdoor on wood glass metal concrete and more.
  • Kids will go crazy for the bold duct tape solid colors! They will have a blast customizing their school books and journals or decorating picture frames mason jars and toys with this fun colored tape.
  • Duct tape arts and crafts are the latest hot trend! Try your hand at making duct tape roses holiday wreaths and decorative bunting. Easy to tear off the roll this duct tape for crafts is curl-resistant and bonds well without leaving behind a sticky mess.
  • This multi-functional duct tape can also be used for patching and repairing a whole host of items! The tough moisture-resistant tape is useful for fixing leaky pipes mending gutters or making emergency repairs to cars or bicycles. The waterproof tape for outdoor use resists fading and heat damage and leaves a neat finish.
  • Carry a roll of this duct tape waterproof tape in your survival pack on camping and hiking trips. Use it to fashion makeshift bandages repair your tent or even to insulate your clothing and weather-proof your shoes.

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