Purism Style- 4" Height Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp Lantern (Set of 3)

Purism Style- 4" Height Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp Lantern (Set of 3) Lamps & Shades product by Purism Style

Price: $14.99

Vintage Purism Style Paraffin (Kerosene) Lamp. (Set of 3 Pcs.) Chimney Material: Glass / Color: Clear ; Burner Material: Metal (Gold); Bottom Material: Glass / Color: Amber / Green / Blue. Size: Bottome dia 40mm x 100mm Height, All Handmade Items Most vintage decorative lamps burn an oil based on paraffin, a mineral oil made from petroleum. The top of the wick runs through a metal collar, and a knob at the side allows the height of the wick above the collar to be adjusted to make the flame bigger or smaller, even while the lamp is alight. Often the oil is coloured or scented.Here are a romantic lamp design ideas with a stylish and retro design. This stylish lamp could be a perfect gift for your special person. This romantic lamp also very good for make your interior decorating looks stylish and cozy. Delivery by Hong Kong Post (Air parcel), Delivery lead time: About 7-10 working days

Features :

  • Antique style oil lamp perfect for bringing a turn-of-the-century classical look
  • Nice Lamp (Set of 3 pcs), All Hand Made of Glass & Best Quality
  • Household necessity during power outages
  • Kerosene lantern stands 4" tall with glass chimney,
  • Deliver by Air Parcel ONLY 7-10 Working Days

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