Rustic State Wall Mounted Decorative Kitchen Ledge Shelf with Rail and 10 Hooks Wood (Natural)

Rustic State Wall Mounted Decorative Kitchen Ledge Shelf with Rail and 10 Hooks Wood (Natural) Floating Shelves product by Rustic State

Price: $39.99

Tidy Up Your Entryway to Make Your Guests Feel at Home with a Warm and Cozy Welcome...

Minimalist and Practical: This simple yet chic design is perfect for any home, office, restaurant, bar, café, hotel or other eatery.
With this organizational tool you can tidy up and decorate your entryway, kitchen, bathroom, nursery or garage.
Add functional storage and decorative organization to your home to make your life easier.
Storing everything at your fingertips will also save you valuable time from searching for the things you need.
This wall ledge is great for storing your toiletry, perfumes, or makeup and hanging your jewelry, towels or accessories at the same time.
You can easily keep track of what you already have and practically reach for whatever you need.

Marvelous Gift Idea: Give someone you love a special home décor gift this holiday.
Get it before Christmas and have it delivered by Amazon's reindeer's.
With this ingenious design you can make everyone happy.
This entryway coat and key rack will be the perfect gift for a housewarming, or bridal shower.
The best part, you don't have to leave your home to choose and purchase a gift in short notice.
You can order in the comfort of your home with one simple click and for an unbeatable price.

Material: Solid Wood
Color: Natural
Product Measurements:

Package Content Information:
1 Ledge Shelf with Rail, 10 Hooks and Wall Mounting Hardware

Features :

  • Ingenious Design: This 2-in-1 multi-functional design is perfect for hanging and storing all sorts of things. Give your monthly mail, keys, hat, bag, coat, dog leash and cat collar a nifty home and keep everything practically within reach.
  • Sturdy Construction: Made with good craftsmanship, this ledge shelf comes with two grooves and a front stopper to help you easily store magazines, bills, letters and other things without falling forward or off the shelf.
  • Comes Ready to Use: Everything is already pre-assembled for your convenience. This coat rack comes with a rail and 10 hooks, and all you must do is install it on your empty wall space with the mounting hardware included in the packaging.
  • Multi-Functional Floating Shelf: Tidy up your kitchen counter, cabinets, drawers and pantry with one shelving unit. Hang your utensils, cookware, and store your pantry food or canisters on top, so everything is easy to find and within reach.
  • Organizational Entryway Rack: Tidy up your welcoming space and keep your essential needs at your fingertips. Never lose your keys again and waste valuable time searching for them when you're in a rush getting ready for work in the morning.

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