Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - Mill and Shakers Kit - Brushed Stainless Steel, Tall Premium Glass and Adjustable Ceramic Grinding System for Cooking Spices - Perfect on Kitchen

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - Mill and Shakers Kit - Brushed Stainless Steel, Tall Premium Glass and Adjustable Ceramic Grinding System for Cooking Spices - Perfect on Kitchen Salt & Pepper Mill Sets product by Braviloni

Price: $39.99$19.98

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Features :

  • ✅ GET THE PERFECT GRIND: This pair of identical salt and pepper mills is fitted with a high quality ceramic grinder that is non-corrosive, doesn't absorb odors, and gets the job done every time. Choose between 5 levels of grind from coarse to fine by simply adjusting a plastic knob at the top.
  • ✅ MESS FREE OPERATION: You'll never have to deal with spices spilling on the countertop again. The grinding mechanism is at the top of the shakers, unlike standard grinders that have theirs at the bottom. Simply grind your favorite spices with a turn of the wrist; no more frustratingly noisy electric spice grinders.
  • ✅ NO CONSTANT REFILLS: With an ample 3⁄4 cup capacity, you won't have to keep refilling these 7.5" tall and 2.5" wide salt and pepper grinders. The conveniently wide mouth makes it a breeze to fill them with all types of salt and peppercorns; no funnel required.
  • ✅ KEEPS SPICES FRESH: Whether it's pink Himalayan salt or black pepper, these mills keeps it perfectly fresh thanks to the tight seal the cap creates. Your spices will be kept away from moisture and dust, with the glass base preventing absorption of flavor unlike wooden grinders.
  • ✅ LOOKS SIMPLY STUNNING: The beautiful clash of glass and stainless steel gives this grinder set an elegance that will spruce up your kitchen and thoroughly impress guests at the dinner table. It makes the perfect holiday or anniversary kitchen gift.

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